Stainless Steel BBQ Skewers

bbqaromashashlikgrill.jpgSkewers have been used for centuries and come in many forms as well as following different traditions.

Most common known is the Adana Kebab or Shish Kebab which is a spicy minced meat kebab mounted on a 2cm wide metal skewer.

Also well known is the Shashlik Kebab which is made from cubes of marinaded meat and skewered on a 1cm wide flat metal skewer. 

Skewers in general allow you to suspend meats over fire and help you achieve even cooking. They also don't need soaking and are re-useable. 

2cm WIDE Skewers

  • Stainless Steel 50CM L
  • Loop Handle
  • 2cm wide
  • Pack of 12 Skewers

1 cm Wide with Handle

  • Stainless Steel Skewer 33.5cm L
  • Wood handle 12.5cm L
  • 1cm wide
  • 47cm Total Length
  • Pack of 12 Skewers

1cm W "L" Shaped, Twisted Handle 

  • Stainless Steel 60cm L
  • Loop handle with twist 10cm L
  • 43cm "L" shape fold along length
  • Pack of 12 Skewers