CUBO - Skewer / Arrosticini making box for home use. 

cubobox.jpgMakes 100 skewers approx 10-11cm of food / 14mm width cube size on a 25cm bamboo stick.

This Skewer Making  box is imported from Italy and includes top and bottom polyethylene lids with skewer guide holes, stainless steel cage with knife guides, stainless steel square sheet and a stainless steel metal spike.

All you need is 100 bamboo sticks 25cm long and 3mm dia (if the skewers are bigger than 3mm then they won't go through the skewer hole guides). Pre-soaked first is a good tip so they don't burn as fast on the barbecue.

Get yourself a long sharp knife. Recommend a 40cm+ knife with 1mm depth (no tapper) from the handle to the tip. A Salmon or Ham slicing knife will do.


Check out our step by step illustration on how to use this cube.

STEP 1. Fill the Cube with slabs of meat.

cubofill.jpgLayer pieces of meat. Each layer should be 20cm thick and cover most of the area in the cage. (You can also layer fish, vegetables or even bread - its up to you what you want to do.)


STEP 3. Make Sure All Skewers are Evenly in the Box

cuboskewer2.jpg Skewer must be in every hole. Easiest way is to start from one end and complete in rows. Check they are all evenly in the cube before you start cutting.


STEP 5. Taking the Lid Off

cuboopening.jpg If your bamboo skewers have swollen and some have become stuck, then use provided square metal sheet to keep skewers in place whilst removing the top lid. 

STEP 2. Put the Lid on and Start to Skewer

cuboskewer1.jpg Place top lid on and push bamboo skewers from top to bottom. Use the metal spike to pre-skewer if needed. Skewers should line up through the bottom skewer guides.


STEP 4. Cutting 

cubocut.jpg Use a long knife and cut, using the slots in the cube as guides. Do one side and then turn 90 degrees and repeat at right angles to previous cuts.


STEP 6. Remove Skewers from Box

cuboout.jpg Now remove the skewers, ready for cooking or simply pack and freeze when you need them. Ideal for our charcoal skewer grills or on any barbecue. Give each adult 10 sticks which is like eating a small steak.




(Traditional Central Italian Lamb Skewer Pronounced:-Ah-rost-tee-chee-knee)

You just can not beat that distinctive aroma of charcoal grilled lamb skewers. Tender roasting morsels of lamb, skewered on to a short bamboo stick and suspended delicately over burning wood charcoal; allowing the unforgettable barbecue flavour to develop naturally in a very short period of time.

Then, with plenty of salt generously sprinkled before serving, you find that you will devour a bunch of sticks in no time, only to leave you wanting more.

All of our skewer BBQs and skewer making boxes follow a standard skewer size of 25cm in length, holding meat on the skewer of approximatelly 10cm.