Redgum Charcoal

15KG Bags - from NSW

Consistent burn and excellent for grilling as well as spit roasting. Can be brittle and break in smaller pieces during transport.

Gidgee Charcoal

20KG & 10KG  Bags - from SW QLD

Much harder material and can burn quite hot. Ideal for roasting in Kamado's and spits.

Mallee Charcoal

20KG Bags - from Vic.

Ideal for spit roasters. May have sparks but has an excellent burn time.

Redgum Charcoal
Gidgee Charcoal
Mallee Charcoal

Imported Charcoal

4KG Bags  & 20KG Bags from Indonesia

Faster burning charcoal which is easy to light. Ideal for smaller BBQs.


Chimney Fire Starter

Starts your charcoal / beads in the quickest fashion. Once lit simply tip the charcoal into your BBQ and start grilling.

Natural Fire Starter blocks

Made from natural materials, you can get your charcoal started without the chemical smell.