Charcoal BBQ Specialist - Grilling Since 2007!

BBQAroma is Sydney's 1st Arrosticini Street Vendor and we supply caterers, restaurants and even BBQ enthusiasts all the necessary equipment for Mini Lamb Skewers also refered too as Mini Roast on a Stick, Satay, Sate Ayam, mini Souvlaki, Yakitori, Cop-Sis, Mini Kebabs, Kebaps, Xinjiang lamb skewers, brochette, shashlik, rustelle, spiendini, spiedies and many more variations!

Our business has further grown into importing direct form Italy a range of quality Charcoal Barbecues and grilling accessories plus we stock wood/lump barbeque charcoal, stainless steel skewers and devilishly hot chilli sauces and chilli extracts.

International customers - Currently exporting Skewer grills and skewer boxes to the US/Canada. Please email us for pricing.